With our historic architecture and natural beauty you’ll find that there are plenty of photogenic spots in Guildford.   All are very popular with our local photographers, but which spots are the most Instagrammable? 

If you are looking to capture some Instagram-worthy shots, here are some suggestions.

Guildford High Street - GU1 3AA 

Guildford High Street

Guildford’s picturesque high street has a diverse collection of historic buildings from all different eras. This melting pot of architecture blends together for a truly beautiful picture, especially as the sun sets at the bottom of the high street, sending vivid pinks and oranges up the beautifully setted street.

Angel Gate - GU1 4AE

Angel Gate

This delightfully photogenic alleyway is home to one of England’s oldest Coaching Inns. 

Abbot's Hospital, High Street, Guildford -  GU1 3AJ

Abbots Hospital = Blog Image

Abbot’s Hospital, a beautiful red-brick alms house has been in continuous use for over 400 years. Founded by George Abbot, Archbishop of Canterbury as a place of shelter for the elderly poor of the town.  Abbot's Hospital today continues to offer town centre accommodation within a sociable and supportive environment for local elderly people. Taking stylistic inspiration from the world-renowned Hampton Court palace, this gem will wow followers with its ornate architecture and intricate woodwork

Guildford Castle Grounds  - GU1 3TU

Guildford Castle Grounds in spring

Stunning throughout the year but especially beautiful as spring arrives.   In spring a sea of vibrant colours washes through the grounds of this ancient castle as the flowers begin to bloom, breaking the winter frost. The combination of history and nature in this exquisite spot create a stunning photo for your Instagram!

Guildford Castle Keep - GU1 3TU


Guildford Castle

The Keep, dating back to 1066 watches over the town, standing proud among the beds of flowers that blanket the ground upon which it casts its imposing shadow. Snap captivating shots from the bottom of the keep or, if the castle is open, steal the show with stunning images of the surrey hills taken from the very top!

Mill Lane, Guildford - GU1 3XX

Mill Lane

This quaint little side lane transports you back in time.  Taking the modern hustle and bustle out of your picture for a more tranquil feel. The gorgeous cottages that line the street, along with the granite setts on the floor make your posts feel unique and real.

The River Wey - GU2 4AJ

The River Wey in GuildfordMeandering through the heart of Guildford, the banks of the River Wey are perfect for an afternoon picnic, as the foliage takes on a rich green and the wildflowers begin to bloom, it will be the perfect post for all your followers to enjoy! 

The Mount, Guildford -  GU2 4RH

Guildford Cathedral from the Mount

Take your followers away from the busy town centre to the top of The Mount, where you can capture the entire town, with the iconic cathedral taking centre stage, protruding out of the lush green belt like a beacon of life.