History & Heritage in Waverley

Waverley’s towns, villages and countryside are packed with rich history. Evidence is very much visible today through buildings, infrastructure such as historic waterways, street names, the landscape and monuments.   

Not only did Farnham make a well documented contribution to the textiles and pottery industries, which visitors can find out more about at the Museum of Farnham, it has its very own castle, which stands proudly looking down on the town. Today, it is a popular wedding and private hire venue but the keep is open to visitors and tours are available too book in advance. 

Godalming Museum tells the story of the local area from Anglo-Saxon times, through to the development of town and up to modern day. Godalming is proud of its links with renowned horticulturist Gertruke Jekyll and the telegraphist Jack Phillips who went down with the Titanic. 

Haslemere Educational Museum runs exhibitions, talks and children’s activities throughout the year, offering plenty to interest and enthuse everyone; find out about fun learning activities for pre-schoolers and fascinating lectures on topics such as natural history, wildlife and art.