Things to do in Guildford

When it comes to things to see and do, Guildford has plenty to offer!  From amazing countryside walks in the North Downs and scenic cycling along the tow paths to picturesque villages so simply lose tract of time as you wander around the historic town with its restaurants, cafes, independent shops.  

Why not take one of the free guided walks and discover the town’s fascinating past, walking in the footsteps of famous former inhabitants like George Abbot, Lewis Carroll and Alan Turing? You can explore many historic buildings like the Castle, Museum and Guildford House (where the Tourist Information Centre is located) and visit historic churches and the twentieth century cathedral

Guildford is well served for sports enthusiasts.   You can enjoy a swim in the stunning outdoor swimming pool, the Lido, have an exhilarating few hours at Airhop trampoline park or pick up a racket, launch a bowl down an alley, ice skate and enjoy a multitude of other activities at Guildford Spectrum. You can even walk or cycle into beautiful countryside directly from the town centre up onto the North Downs. 

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Guildford has so much to offer

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