Frequently asked questions about Surrey

Where can I get hold of a map of Surrey?
Maps of Surrey can be picked up at Guildford Tourist Information Centre and across Surrey Libraries.   Download an electronic version now.

I only have one day in Surrey what should I do?
We have given some ideas of what to do if you only have one day in Surrey.  Why not take a look at our Must See Attractions page.  

How big is Surrey?
Surrey is approximately 648 sq miles (1,679 sq km).  It is landlocked and has no coastline.  Surrey is bordered by the counties of Greater London, Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Hampshire, and Berkshire.

What is the climate like in Surrey?
Surrey has a changeable climate with daily and seasonal temperature.  The County enjoys four seasons.  Temperatures in the winter can vary from 1 degree Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius.  In summer the temperature can vary from 18 degrees celsius to a very warm 30 degrees Celsius in a heatwave.  England does not always have snow in winter and the summers can vary from being warm and dry to wet.

What is Surrey's elevation?
The highest point in Surrey is located at Leith Hill - 968 ft above sea level (295 m)
The lowest point in Surrey is located at Thames Ditton - 22 ft above sea level (6.6 m)

What is the flora and fauna like in Surrey?
Surrey has an abundance of mature woodland, being the most wooded county in England with 22 % coverage.
Among native Surrey mammals are red deer, fox, moles and badgers.

What is the population of Surrey?
According to the 2021 census there were 1,203,108 people living in Surrey.

Where are there public toilets?
There are public toilets available free of charge all over Surrey.  Most of the large towns and villages provide public toilets.

What public transport is available in Surrey?
Please click here to visit our Public Transport page.

How far away is London?
London is approximately 25 miles outside central London.  It is about 25 minutes train journey from central London to the town of Woking and approximately 35 minutes from central London to the town of Guildford. 

What is the county town of Surrey?
Surrey's official county town is Guildford.

How many local authorities are there in Surrey?
Surrey has 11 local authorities which look after the 11 areas of Surrey.