If you are feeling unwell during your visit to Surrey, there are many pharmacies and chemists located across the County in both towns and villages.  The two largest brand stores are Boots and Lloyds, but there are also some independent pharmacies and chemists.  Nearly all will be open Monday to Saturday, but only the larger stores in the larger towns will be open on Sundays.  Alternatively some of the larger supermarkets have 'in-store' pharmacies.

On the NHS website, if you type ‘pharmacies in Surrey’ into the main top right hand search of the website it will bring up several pages of pharmacies in Surrey.  If you know your location, type into the search ‘pharmacies in (your location)’ and it will give you details of pharmacies close to where you are.

For more details about medical care, including doctors, dentists, hospitals and pharmacies, click here to see our Medical Care page.

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